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Jun 27, 2019 - 07:05 AM By Rhonda Byrne

  • Title: السر
  • Author: Rhonda Byrne
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 450
  • Format: Hardcover


Bethany Jun 27, 2019 - 07:05 AM
this website is too kind. one star means "didn't like it". I hate, hate, hate this book with absolute passion. sorry if you like oprah but she seriously did the world a disservice by recommending this book. apparently there is a dvd also that i don't even think i could stomach. so here's the concept behind "The Secret". You can attract good things to you through your good thoughts. Ok, I'm on board with that. It has worked for me. Ooh, I already knew the Secret! too bad I didn't use it to make m [...]
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Gabriel Jun 27, 2019 - 07:05 AM
A horribly-written and assembled collection of tripe; it has no cohesive voice, no cohesive theme, and is completely facile towards its subject. I literally threw the book across the room when I read, 'Quantum Physicists will tell you the universe was created from thought!'. No, numbfucker, they won't. Not to mention the 'facts' they assert don't have citations to lend those assertions the slightest hint of credibility.If you want me to believe that 'thinking positively will lead to success beca [...]
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Maggie Jun 27, 2019 - 07:05 AM
I had a long review and I got too many responses to it. Comments and emails, and strangers connecting with me because of this review.So I deleted it.Here is what I will say nowI once gave this 5 stars. I have since changed it to 2 stars.My focus is on something else now. This book is fine but I don't recommend it any more but other books insteadIf you are looking for control over yourself and future, Its in being as close to God as possible.How to do that and what that looks like is a much longe [...]
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Varmint Jun 27, 2019 - 07:05 AM
went to dinner with the boss lady the other night. she went on and on about this wonderful book. it was truly life changing. and she was already seeing the positive results of applying principles from it in her business and personal lifee wasn't able to really articulate any ot those principles, so she just gave me a copy. went through it the next day.holy crap. my employer, the person that i am financially dependent on, is a fruitloop. am updating my resume now.
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Shuaib Abu Shuaib Jun 27, 2019 - 07:05 AM
بصراحة ما دفعني لقراءة هذا الكتاب والبحث فيه هو حجم الترويج والحديث الكثير عنه، وحجم الجدل الذي دار حوله سواء في عالمنا العربي او في العالم الغربي نفسه.قمت بقراءة النسخة العربية منه واطلعت على النسخة الانكليزية ووجدت أن فيه بعض الاشياء الجميلة والايجابية التي تدعوا للتفاؤل [...]
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Rita Jun 27, 2019 - 07:05 AM
Should this book be classified as FICTION or NON-FICTION? I have no idea, but what I'm inclined to do is classfying it as DELUSIONALThe Law of Attraction. Whatever you send out of positive thoughts to the Universe comes back to you, ten fold at least. It's a bit like "karma" and positive thinking with a twist: You want to money comming to you? Just visualise it and it will happen. You want to be thinner? Just visualise that food has 0 calories!Quote from the book:Food cannot cause you to put on [...]
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Ausman Bensasi Jun 27, 2019 - 07:05 AM
لطالما أثار هذا الكتاب الجدل حوله منذ ظهوره في سنة 2007، ثم ترجم إلى العربية بعد ذلك فزاد الجدل المبني على سوء فهم لهذا الكتاب أو بالأحرى سوء فهم للفكرة المحورية في الكتاب وهي قانون الجذب، كيف يعمل ومن الذي يطلق إشاراته وهل الأرض هي من تخلق الأفعال أم لا، كل هذا وأكثر عندما تجاو [...]
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Katharine Grubb Jun 27, 2019 - 07:05 AM
I wasn't interested in reading this book. I thought from the reviews of friends that it was pretty obvious stuff. However, I listened to the audio version. I sort of laughed at first and thought, "duh". I promised to listen to the whole book on CD, and as I listened, the connections between what the author is trying to communicate, and what many world religions try to communicate is huge. I am not a religious person. I found this book inspiring because I wasn't being told that God created the un [...]
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حمزه الورفلي Jun 27, 2019 - 07:05 AM
فكرة الكتاب بسيطة جدا وقد قال النبي صلي الله عليه وسلم (أنا عند ظن عبدى بى فليظن بى ماشاء إن خير فخير وإن شر فشر
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Matt Evans Jun 27, 2019 - 07:05 AM
(Excerpted from an online essay I wrote): To be sure, the so-called Secret represents a financially viable means to wealth, obviously so, but let's be clear: only for Rhonda Byrnes, The Secret DVD's producer and book's author.Thus, Byrnes would have you believe that the world's wealthy, distinguished and famous—every last luminous one of them—attained their high position by dint of simple adherence to a secret law: The Law of Attraction. She shits you not. Furthermore, they (the world's rich [...]
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Shannon Jun 27, 2019 - 07:05 AM
God, I am so sick of The Secret. I just can't understand why everyone is so enthralled with it. That book is at the top of every bestseller list and it's total crap. You're not going to get what you want by thinking about how much you want it. I mean, yes to positive thinking and all that, but the part they left out was that you actually have to DO something to make things happen. Jack Canfield (whose involvement should turn you off automatically) didn't really sit around staring at the ceiling [...]
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AhmadEbaid Jun 27, 2019 - 07:05 AM
ما هو السر؟السر هو قانون الجذب, والذي بمقتضاه تحصل على أي شيء تفكر فيه وتركز عقلك عليه. وهو فعل مستلهم لا يحتاج لبذل الجهد كما العمل العادي.وأستطيع أن أرى خطأ هذا القانون من واقع الحياة, فليس كل ما يريده المرء يدركه, وبلفظ الشاعر أحمد شوقي: وما نيل المطالب بالتمنيوإذا كان الأمر [...]
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Lujayn Alyamani Jun 27, 2019 - 07:05 AM
السرّ The Secret روندا برايانالحقيقة أنّني حين بدأت بقراءته أحببته لم أجد فيه الكثير ممّا أضاف لي معلومةإنّما هو أسلوب حياة و طريقة تفكير جديدة يعلّمها هذا السّرلفتني الكتاب بـ طريقة إخراجه و فخامة طباعته و أسلوب كتابتهعلى غير عادة في الكتب المترجمة التي أتململ من قراءتها سريع [...]
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Ollie Jun 27, 2019 - 07:05 AM
I'm sure this book only exists thanks to The Da Vinci Code. Sensing a public interest in ancient "secrets" passed down to modern times, the publishers of this awful piece of self-help decided they could market Rhonda Byrne's book and make a killing. They were not wrong. In Brasil, it's spreading like an Old World plague: the film tie-in is always rented out in videostores, and the book is in the top 10 bestseller list. Swept up by its popularity, my mom brought a copy home.Much like George Bush [...]
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McWriter Jun 27, 2019 - 07:05 AM
Ick. This book was just. So. Not believable. At the beginning, the author writes about the law of attraction, specifically that if you believe in something, it can happen - like, if you believe you will one day fall in love, marry, and have a family or if you believe you will succeed in education and earn your PhD, than, doggonit, you can. It's as the book continues and the words change from "can" to "will definitely" that the author lost me. For example, if you want a certain amount of money, s [...]
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PaulPerry Jun 27, 2019 - 07:05 AM
This book is so inspirational! It turns out that by just believing and wanting really hard you can get whatever you want out of life! And if that doesn't work you can write a vacuous self help book full of profound sounding but utterly meaningless tripe and there are enough stupid people in the world to make you rich! This book has also taught me that I don't need to care about other people; if they don't get what they want it isn't anything to with me or anything to do with society being fair o [...]
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Jan-Maat Jun 27, 2019 - 07:05 AM
In hindsight, I feel I was too kind with this book, it makes far more sense simply to describe it as evil.It encourages victim blaming - since they only have themselves to blame for bringing their fates upon themselves for a lack of positiver thinking, and ultimately encourages the reader to blame themselves since when their wishes fail to become fishes there can only be one reason - the positive thinking wasn't quite positive enough, or didn't have quite the perfect tone of positivity to it. An [...]
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ياسمين ثابت Jun 27, 2019 - 07:05 AM
قد ايه مؤسف انك تدخل صفحة كتاب زي ده على الجود ريدز تلاقي انه اكبر عدد من الناس قريته واديته ريت وريفيوهاتمؤسف ان كتاب زي ده يشتهر اصلا ويتقرا بل وينزل كتابمؤسف ان في مطابع تعبت نفسها وكلفت نفسها عشان تطلع طبعة انيقة لكتاب قيمته وكلامه اقل بكتيييييييييييييييييير من الورق الل [...]
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F Jun 27, 2019 - 07:05 AM
Someone in work made me read this and i hated it.Shite.
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Jessi Jun 27, 2019 - 07:05 AM
I love The Secret. I watch the DVD whenever I need a shot of happiness. It's basically pretty common sense, what you think about and talk about the most is what you get more of. Where the attention goes, the energy flows. If you constantly talk about being broke, or sick, or depressed, then that's what you will get. Even if you're bank account, health, or mental disposition is not currently where you'd like for it to be, you completely have the power to take one little step at a time in the righ [...]
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Joyce Jun 27, 2019 - 07:05 AM
In a weak moment I succumbed! It was on sale and I too wanted to know "the secret" Now I know-I just think about checks every day and voila-my mailman will bring them to me! C'mon people, positive thinking has been written about in dozens if not hundreds of books and they were much better written than this drivel! Honestly, the idea that children with cancer bring it upon themselves because they did not envision themselves as healthy or that people who experience earthquakes, famine and flood br [...]
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Michael Jun 27, 2019 - 07:05 AM
The Secret is perhaps best summarized in an entirely separate work, the Strangest Secret, which is an audio presentation by Earl Nightingale where he demands “you must control your thoughts.” Rhonda Byrne then explains by controlling your thoughts and ensuring that they are of a positive nature, anything, in any aspect of life, is achievable. More specifically, The Secret explains that like things attract, so positive, can do thoughts create positive outcomes while negative thoughts would cr [...]
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Ahmad Sharabiani Jun 27, 2019 - 07:05 AM
The Secret, Rhonda Byrne تاریخ نخستین خوانش: اول اکتبر سال 2007 میلادیانگار بیش از آن انتشار یافته است که بتوان در اینجا در باره اش نگاشته اس کاشت، تنها با عنوان «راز» از همین نویسنده: روندا (راندا) برن (روندا بایرن)؛ بیش از یکصد و پنجاه مورد متفاوت یافتم؛ خواستم نخستین نسخه و نخستین مترجم و [...]
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Huda Aweys Jun 27, 2019 - 07:05 AM
My review in English first and then in Arabic-مراجعتى للكتاب بالانجليزي و بعدها مراجعتى بالعربيProphet Muhammad peace be upon him said: ( expect a good, find a good) So this book talk about what we call :(the law of expectation of good !), so what is the new here !? New here those claims in this book about the ability of humans to control them life, and only Without the expense of God and his ability and his will and his control of the volcanoes, rain a [...]
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نورة عبدالملك Jun 27, 2019 - 07:05 AM
اخخخخخخ ماذا أقول عن هذا الكتاب؟!!صدقا أشعر بالكمد والغيظ أني دفعت مقابل هذا الكتاب مالا فهو لا يستحق ريالا بل "علك أبو نص:)" !لا أعرف من الذي روج لهذا الكتاب ولا أعرف ما السر الذي وجد في هذا الكتاب لكي يسمى سرالو كان باستطاعتي أن أضع سالب ٥ نجمات لوضعت وأتمنى من جودريدز أن يوفر ه [...]
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Marnie Jun 27, 2019 - 07:05 AM
Call me jaded, but these people have been drinking the kool aid. Don’t get me wrong- I embrace and appreciate the power of positive thinking and believe that an optimistic frame of mind can go a long way. But, The Secret is a bit extreme. The core of The Secret is the law of attraction, which basically says you attract what you think- think it and it will come. It says that you simply need to ask, believe, and receive whatever you want from the catalog of the universe. One part says, “It is [...]
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Randy Jun 27, 2019 - 07:05 AM
Overall, the Secret, aka, the Law of Atttraction has a great message: like attracts like. This is of course very true in most cases. However, implicit in the teachings of the Secret is the idea that our current place in life is not good enough, that we need to create something in the future that will in turn complete us (better job, more money, new relationship, etc), and make us feel whole. Herein lies the fallacy of the book. For in the words of Thich Nhat Hanh, "Peace exists in the present mo [...]
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Hussam H Aql Jun 27, 2019 - 07:05 AM
هذا هو السر"الظَّانِّينَ بِاللَّهِ ظَنَّ السَّوْءِ عَلَيْهِمْ دَائِرَةُ السَّوْءِ"(الفتح:6)كتاب أبهر العالم بأفكاره التي لخصها القرآن قبل أكثر من 1400 عام في آية واحدة!يا لنا من دعاه سيئين لقرآننا العظيم.لكم تمنيت أن يكون الكاتب مسلم، وبرغم ذلك فأنا أرفض التقليل من شأن الكتاب [...]
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Marcie Jun 27, 2019 - 07:05 AM
This book is a must read. I am way behind the crowd on getting to this book, only because I've never read an Oprah book pick that I liked. However, this book summarizes things I've always believed. Here are some of my own beliefs that I've been telling people for years (in my own words).All great ideas are "out there" waiting to be discovered. Whomever searches them out first claims them as their own. There is more than enough love, money, knowledge, truth and friendship out there for everyone. [...]
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Anuradha Jun 27, 2019 - 07:05 AM
Read this book, they said. It'll change your life, they said. No, I said. I don't want to change my life, I said. You're too cynical, they said. You need more optimism in your life, they said. Fuck you, I said. I wouldn't read this if you paid me to, I said. And I sure as hell don't pay money for this tripe. I mean, come on, do we really need a book to tell us, "hey, guess what? If you do good stuff, good stuff will happen to you?" This woman is making millions off of selling things like this! A [...]
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