High Time to Kill
Raymond Benson
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Jun 16, 2019 - 23:21 PM By Raymond Benson

In this bestselling phenomenon, James Bond scales new heights of adventure on one of the world s highest and most treacherous mountains When a crime syndicate s plane goes down after stealing the most important military secret of the century, 007 and a team of international climbers battle brutal conditions and a sniper in a cliff hanging journey to retrieve the goods.
  • Title: High Time to Kill
  • Author: Raymond Benson
  • ISBN: 9780515128338
  • Page: 477
  • Format: Mass Market Paperback


Carson Jun 16, 2019 - 23:21 PM
With no offense to John Gardner, who wrote some worthy 007 entries, Raymond Benson's Bond stories, symmetry and descriptive captivation gets better with each chapter. Not only does this solitary rogue feel like Fleming's agent but he fully embraces his solace and demons as he hurls himself into danger and is restless when his life isn't on the line. This story was engaging from beginning to end, through twists and turns and up the mountain where the story climaxes. 5 stars.
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David Jun 16, 2019 - 23:21 PM
An interesting variant of the “usual” 007 story. Serious mountain climbing plays a significant role. The “Bond Girl” is still sexually available, but also independent and strong.
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Jonathan Ratty Jun 16, 2019 - 23:21 PM
Bond sat on the wooden seat, enjoying the sense of well-used oak against his buttocks, as he evacuated his bowels into the porcelain splendour of the Armitage Shanks toilet bowl he had purchased from Blades club when they had carried out their last refurbishment in '76. He relished the thought of all of the characters who had once used the same seat, who had propped up the oak bar in the same establishment, where he had sipped many a fine Martini, made with Stolichnaya and the barest trace of No [...]
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Rick Jun 16, 2019 - 23:21 PM
The best of the Benson-Bonds. At least so far. Three down and three to go. Half way there. (yeah, I'm not counting the adaptations). This opened like the other two Benson-Bonds: rather mediocre and almost cliché. It not that they're bad, there just wasn't much in their to make them feel original. But this one hit a nice point where everything shifted and went in an interesting direction. The second half was much more enjoyable and made me really want to jump input the next book in the series. T [...]
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Renee Pawlish Jun 16, 2019 - 23:21 PM
I love the old James Bond and I've somewhat enjoyed the other authors who continue the series. But personally, I think they should go back to writing about Bond in the 1960's. Some of the Bond mentality just doesn't fit today's age.As far as Benson goes, High Time To Kill is a decent read, just not great. I felt the story lagged at times, but I did like aspects of the setting, putting Bond in a unique situation.
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Pete Szilagyi Jun 16, 2019 - 23:21 PM
Just to be clear, this is 5 stars not because it's the Greatest Novel Ever Written, but because it gives you exactly what you want - a fun, riotous James Bond story, complete with a ridiculous plot and an even more ridiculous sex scene. Car chases, gun battles, a unique Bond story unlike any else, you definitely get what you paid for with this book. It was also refreshing to read a modern Bond novel not rampant with racism like the Fleming books, classic they may be. High Time to Kill was a vast [...]
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John Yelverton Jun 16, 2019 - 23:21 PM
Of all the James Bond novels that I have read, this is the first one that didn't feel like a James Bond novel. It truly felt like any character could be inserted into the story and it still "work". Worse yet, the author goes out of his way to explain the dangers of mountain climbing and the precautions that must be made, and then proceeds to throw them out of the window for plot devices.
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Steve Mitchell Jun 16, 2019 - 23:21 PM
High Time to Kill is Raymond Benson’s fourth addition – if you count a novelisation of Tomorrow Never Dies – to the James Bond series; and once again he manages to combine the sheer fantasy of the plot with a fairly decent story. British government scientists have developed a new material – Skin 17 – that should be able to withstand the heat and stresses to allow an aircraft to fly at Mach 7. Unfortunately a traitor within the development team working for the Union – a sort of terror [...]
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Mark Alford Jun 16, 2019 - 23:21 PM
Well, I'm not going to grow any brain cells reading this book, but I was looking for something else and came across it in the library by surprise. In high school I read the Ian Fleming books. Later, I saw where John Gardner (not from Grendel fame) continued the series. When I saw Benson was writing, I figured I'd try him out. So far so good, nothing special. He seems to have dropped following Flemming and Gardner and picked up from where the Brosnan movies left off. I figured I'd read it before [...]
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Stephen Jun 16, 2019 - 23:21 PM
James Bond must face a new, SPECTRE-like group, the Union, which has clandestinely infiltrated the international community-even MI-6! When a highly prized and classified material that could propel Britain ahead in the use of stealth technology is stolen and lost high in the Himalayas, Bond and a team of climbers are sent to retrieve it. But (shocker!) not everyone is who they seem, and Bond must race to discover what traps the Union has laid for him as he tries to retrieve the prize.Is it hokey, [...]
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Jerome Jun 16, 2019 - 23:21 PM
After slogging through a mind-numbing 13-page golf game complete with brand names of every item Bond and his colleagues used in their round, I tried to forge ahead but gave up at page 47, in the midst of a meeting that promised to be as boring as most real meetings. The story concerns a cheap attempt at resurrecting SPECTRE, this time called the 'Union'. The setting is mostly mountainous, which could have been interesting (Benson probably read Into Thin Air and a lightbulb crackled somewhere) bu [...]
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Martyn Perry Jun 16, 2019 - 23:21 PM
This is a decent story with a pretty unique setting considering it's a Bond book. The first half is committed to the product placement and Bond novel/movie tropes whilst the second half of the story really branches out on its own into a great little thriller.Bond has to join a climbing expedition in the Himalayas to recover a sought after Macguffin, during this time he's after the shadowy members of The Union, some of whom may be in his own teamExciting stuff, easy to read and enjoyable. The rea [...]
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Kat Jun 16, 2019 - 23:21 PM
I was attracted by JB adventuring on Kangchenjunga, but the first half of the book was extremely tedious and full of awful things like a whole chapter about game of golf and Bond encountering a lady with a 'tongue like a live minnow'. The second half at least had some interesting mountainy bits (despite the extremely unlikely turns of events) but Bond still behaved like a bit of a douche most of the time.I also didn't need to know exactly the brand of literally everything he used. (Bond tightene [...]
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Kkinugawa Jun 16, 2019 - 23:21 PM
One of the representive works of Raymond Benson as well as "Zero Minus Ten". The story is about Bond's struggle against the ruthless terrorist organization called "The Union", whose brutal trademark is slashing the throat of those who cross them. While the story itself is really interesting and thrilling, I thought the way he writes Bond story is too different from the one which Ian Fleming had written just same as other pieces of works. From this point of view, I would like to recommend this bo [...]
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William Jun 16, 2019 - 23:21 PM
I wasn't keen on the idea of a mountain climbing adventure, but was pleasantly surprised. Benson wrote an engaging and fast-moving story. The characters were more interesting and likeable/dislikeable than the last instalment. The long and frequent pedantic descriptions of local colour present in the last two Benson novels were notably toned down in High Time to Kill, although I could have done without knowing the brand name of every piece of mountain climbing equipment used by Bond.
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Matic Sket Jun 16, 2019 - 23:21 PM
Bad guys - Union, stole some top secret formula for thing called Skin 17. Formula for Skin 17 was hidden in a pacemaker, that was placed in a man's chest and that man was flying in a plane that crashed in Himalaya. 007 is getting it back.Some golfing, killing, climbing and f*cking, f*cking at more than 7000 meters of altitude I must say (also killing and climbing, but no golfing).My name is Bond, James Bond!!!
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Sandy Jun 16, 2019 - 23:21 PM
James Bond, careening around the world, climbing mountains, double and triple crossed and women. All the elements one would expect from a James Bond novel. Lots of tension and second guessing. This book could be played for the movies by Sean Connery or Daniel Craig. Glad to spend a few hours in the world of high adventure.
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Tyler Jun 16, 2019 - 23:21 PM
3.5 stars This was a fun read--the first one I've read from the Benson series of Bond (except for the novelizations of Tomorrow Never Dies and Die Another Day). I think I like the Gardner Bond series better, though I appreciated the introduction of a SPECTRE like organization here: The Union. I want to finish the Union triply and then I'll be able to judge a bit better.
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Zohar - ManOfLaBook.com Jun 16, 2019 - 23:21 PM
have read Mr. Benson's Bond novels before, and even though I enjoyed them, this one was the most enjoyable. In my opinion, Mr. Benson has captured the essence of book Bond in this novel, not movie Bond. This is a wonderful Bond novel, and I recommend it whole heatedly. This book reads like a book, not an outline for a movie.
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David Garcia Jun 16, 2019 - 23:21 PM
This was my #1 favorite until NEVER DREAM OF DYING. This book is just as good, and the locale is outstanding!
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Roy Jun 16, 2019 - 23:21 PM
Bensons 3rd Bond original story sees the introduction of crime cartel the Union , a new Spectre type organisation which will continue into the next book
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Foghorn Jun 16, 2019 - 23:21 PM
Very good suspense - after all, it's a James Bond novel. Set in high altitude mountains mostly.s you a chill just reading it from the cold. :)
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Caroline Jun 16, 2019 - 23:21 PM
Another author authorized by the Fleming estate to continue the James Bond series - Benson does well. James Bond forever!
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Chris Jun 16, 2019 - 23:21 PM
The most interesting thing about this book is it's plot. Other than that the characters are bland, and the writing is poor.
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Osarenren Ihaza Jun 16, 2019 - 23:21 PM
Every second I spent reading this book was totally worth it. Raymond Benson knows how to keep his readers on the edge.
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Aubrey Mroz Jun 16, 2019 - 23:21 PM
I've always loved 'James Bond' novels and this one has defiantly got to be the best I've read. Not anything like Ian Flemmings writing, but close enough.
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High Time to Kill By Raymond Benson In this bestselling phenomenon, James Bond scales new heights of adventure on one of the world s highest and most treacherous mountains When a crime syndicate s plane goes down after stealing the most important military secret of the century, 007 and a team of international climbers battle brutal conditions and a sniper in a cliff hanging journey to retrieve the goods.

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