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Apr 25, 2019 - 00:53 AM By TonyCliff

After being falsely accused of spying by the nefarious Major Merrick, Delilah Dirk and Mister Selim sail to England to clear her name and beat the tar out of the Major while they re at it But once on her home turf, Delilah encounters an adversary mightier than the entire British Army her mother.
  • Title: Delilah Dirk and the King's Shilling
  • Author: TonyCliff
  • ISBN: 9781626721555
  • Page: 298
  • Format: Paperback


First Second Books Apr 25, 2019 - 00:53 AM
We're so pleased to be publishing a second volume of Delilah Dirk's adventures (and we love this one even more than the first). This volume is especially awesome because it gives us the set-up of a main character who's basically 100% awesome -- having to go back to her home and deal with her parents, who haven't been following along with the reader 100% awesomeness thing. Instead they are like, 'you are a young heedless creature!' and have to be convinced to get on board with the 'my child is to [...]
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Bookworm007 Apr 25, 2019 - 00:53 AM
Lord, lend me the strength to make it through the dark days until I get my claws on this book.or so help me.
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Elevetha Apr 25, 2019 - 00:53 AM
I GOT MY SIGNED COPY IN THE MAIL TODAY HOORAY!!!4.5 stars.I love this series so much, and I couldn't be more pleased that we are getting a third installment at some point. (Okay, well, I could be happier if A. I knew when we were getting it or the ultimate B. if it came out tomorrow.)This was over 100 gorgeous pages longer than the first one, and I honestly can't decide which one I like more, because they're both so wonderful. This one is a bit different from the first, insofar as it is more plo [...]
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Sesana Apr 25, 2019 - 00:53 AM
(Received from Netgalley for review.)Not quite as much fun as the first Delilah Dirk book had been. That's probably at least in part because this book is much more plot focused. The spotlight is really on Delilah's past and her conflict with a corrupt British officer. Which is fine, except that the plot itself started to bore me part way through. Maybe it went on for too long, or maybe there wasn't enough substance for the page count. It's still good overall, and certain scenes are very good, bu [...]
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Misty Apr 25, 2019 - 00:53 AM
I love this series, I seriously do. Review to come.
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Ran Apr 25, 2019 - 00:53 AM
"Congratulations on another insightful plan, Miss Dirk, which had unfolded in exact opposition to its intended fashion." Ah, Selim, you poor fool. Delilah Dirk is at it again, with Selim in tow. This time they're headed to England to clear Miss Dirk's name. She's been accused of spying by Major Jason Merrick (what a dick Redcoats, honestly). But while in England, Delilah returns home to her mother, who doesn't know her daughter Alexandra Nichols gallivants around continental Europe and the Levan [...]
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Jenna Apr 25, 2019 - 00:53 AM
Now I'd like to reread the first. Same gorgeous illustrations and while some of the action sequences didn't feel as dynamic as they might've been (in regard to smashing, parrying - the leaping, dancing, sword fighting scenes are beautifully fluid). And it doesn't feel like it's only been a two-book series, rather, it feels that we've known the cast for much longer than that. Great inclusion of Delilah's backstory and family dynamics. Is there more coming? I'd hope so.
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Soobie can't sleep at night Apr 25, 2019 - 00:53 AM
I waited for so long for this graphic novel Almost three years Was it worth it? MehWhen I read the first Delilah Dirk I fell in love with it. I loved the main character, I loved the side-kick. I also loved the art and the colors.When I finally received this second volume I was almost disappointed: I didn't remember Delilah's face being so manly. I swear, she has a man's jaw. And so does her mother. If you cut their hair, they could pass for men. She has a bigger jaw than Selim, poor girl.In addi [...]
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Sheila Beaumont Apr 25, 2019 - 00:53 AM
I loved this graphic novel. The first Delilah Dirk book is very good, but this, the second, is awesome. The story, set in the early 19th century, is more complex and intriguing, as Delilah and her sidekick, Selim, head for England to clear her name after the evil traitor Major Jason Merrick has framed her for treason in the war between the English and the French. There's a lot of humor in this story, as we get to meet Delilah's family and find out her real name is Alexandra Nichols. Selim finds [...]
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Longhairpanda Apr 25, 2019 - 00:53 AM
Not as good as the first but still has a lovely ending. I am looking forward to the next book.
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Elizabeth (Miss Eliza) Apr 25, 2019 - 00:53 AM
The story Tony Cliff is writing about Delilah is as haphazard as her adventures, and not in a good way. By the second volume I hoped for a little more backstory, instead of the flashes here and there that only hinted at what came before. But overall I was distracted enough to passably enjoy the story, even with the weird white outlines around the figures sometimes that made the artwork seem unfinished or cut out and placed on a better background in a rush job, but then I came to his note on "his [...]
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Derek Royal Apr 25, 2019 - 00:53 AM
If the first Delilah Dirk book was a great introduction to Cliff's unconventional adventurer, then this latest work is a full-throttled exploration of the character. There's a lot more going on here than in the first volume, and there are more moving narrative parts than just the "adventurer fleeing dark villain" storyline. And the art is outstanding! I know it takes a long time to create these stories, but after reading Delilah Dirk and the King's Shilling, I'm wanting mored impatiently so.
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Wealhtheow Apr 25, 2019 - 00:53 AM
Delilah Dirk is a hot headed adventurer who roams Europe during the Napoleonic Wars doing good deeds. By her side is Erdemmoglu Selim, a cautious Turk who makes excellent tea and is all too often taken for granted. They are wonderful characters, their adventures are thrilling, their dialog amusing, and the art is fantastic.
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Jacki Apr 25, 2019 - 00:53 AM
Another solid, funny, beautiful addition to the series.
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Kristen Apr 25, 2019 - 00:53 AM
4 starsI've owed First Second a review of this for some time. They were kind enough to give me access to an egalley, but I neglected to download it in time (grad school probably got in the way got in the way quite a bit. ANYWAY) and didn't get to read until recently. Like the first volume, there's lots of action, a great friendship, and some really excellent art. The ending leaves it wide open for there to be more adventures, but isn’t a cliffhanger, which is honestly the best kind of ending. [...]
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Tova Apr 25, 2019 - 00:53 AM
HOLY MACARONI THAT WAS SO DAMN GOOD! 4.5/5 for sure. RTC. P.S Mister Selim is MINE.
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Diana Apr 25, 2019 - 00:53 AM
I love this series! The artwork is so rich and kinetic and the characters are very well done and have their own distinct personalities and ways. Very impressive and fun and I can't wait for book 3!
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Steve Stivaktis Apr 25, 2019 - 00:53 AM
I read this one without having read the first tome or the webcomic, and I have to say it was a lesson in comic art. As a comic artist who is currently working on my first big project with quite a bit of action in it, consider me ecstatic about the way the action scenes are drawn. I mean, that wasn't the only good thing; the story was good and wholesome, the art style super cute, the colouring great, and the fact that it was created by just one person mind-blowing, but what got to me, specificall [...]
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Sam Apr 25, 2019 - 00:53 AM
Huge thank you to First Second and Netgalley for this ARC!My love for the Delilah Dirk series holds absolutely no bounds. This series has an amazing sense of humour, great and captivating characters, and they simply take you on a wonderful journey. While I didn't like this collection as much as The Turkish Lieutenant, I still enjoyed my time with The King's Shilling.What I loved in this particular instalment is that we finally get some huge insight into Delilah's character and her backstory. Sad [...]
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Barbara Apr 25, 2019 - 00:53 AM
Lord! How I love Delilah Kirk and her sidekick Selim in this graphic novel series set in 1809! Where, oh, where were dashing female protagonists like this when I was young? SIGH! It gives me no small measure of pleasure to know that this generation will have these two as examples for how to live a good life while having a bit of fun. After intervening in a custody battle in their usual swashbuckling style, the two are set to leave Portugal for Spain when British Major Jason Merrick takes a disli [...]
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Siina Apr 25, 2019 - 00:53 AM
Hmm, the King's Shilling isn't as good as the first Delilah Dirk comic, but this was still great. Surely this is a good continuation to the series. Basically it just lacks the drive that's so evident in the first part. I really liked Delilah's past and the whole home episode. It added well to her character and I'm so very fond of Delilah and Selim. Sadly so we don't really see Selim here as much and his role is more like that of an auxiliary. The plot works OK, though the weigh is more on plotti [...]
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Anne Apr 25, 2019 - 00:53 AM
First of all, I love Tony Cliff and this incredible series. While the first installment served as an introduction to Delilah Dirk and Selim, this book is focused on plot and (I assume) sets up what will happen later in the series. I enjoyed the plot itself, but the one thing keeping me from rating this higher was the villain. He felt almost comical in his "badness." He seemed evil without true purpose or intent. In a series where the other characters feel completely fleshed out, he fell flat. Bu [...]
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Lindsay Apr 25, 2019 - 00:53 AM
I had more fun reading the first volume, though I did enjoy the initial escapades in Portugal. While it was entertaining to see a Delilah spin on a plot that threatened to be too Austen-esque, I really am totally disinterested in Regency England, and her spunkiness started to veer a bit too much into brattiness--perhaps because her privileged station is put more in the spotlight on her home turf. I will read on, but I look forward to Delilah and Selim's return to the Mediterranean-I don't recall [...]
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J Apr 25, 2019 - 00:53 AM
Delilah Dirk is back and this time she gets caught up in a very dangerous plot indeed. Delilah and Selim find themselves on the wrong side of Major Jason Merrick and a plot to destroy the English resolve against the French army. Forced to return to England, Delilah reveals she's been hiding some things from Selim. He feels a bit hard done by and finds that his views of England are not exactly reality. Still, they must soldier on and work to clear Delilah's good name and foil a traitor's dastardl [...]
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Christopher Apr 25, 2019 - 00:53 AM
So happy for more Delilah Dirk!I hadn't realized from the first volume that the story was based in the Napoleonic/Regency period. It was strangely disappointing to know that these great stories are based in a period that has been mined for so many stories before. I don't mind a good pulpy time period; but I worry that the tropes of either the Napoleonic naval conflict or the Regency ton season will pull Delilah away from her own stories. In this case we skirt edge of both, but Miss Dirk (unsurpr [...]
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Aimee Apr 25, 2019 - 00:53 AM
OH MY GOD I'M IN LOVE WITH THIS SERIES!!! Though I did not read the first graphic novel due to it not being in the library, I'm still in love with everything about this book. The time period! The relationships! The ease of reading! THE ACTION!!! THE DRAWINGS!!! All of it was wonderfully drawn and carefully thought out. Obviously now I need to own this, as well as get my hands on any other Delilah Dirk comics available. Hopefully there will be a third one coming out shortly, as I don't think we'v [...]
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Britt Apr 25, 2019 - 00:53 AM
Delilah Dirk's adventures continue with her return to England to investigate a ne-er do well English major that she happened upon whilst adventuring in France. Don't worry though, her return home doesn't stymie her adventurous style. It just means that she has to adventure in fancy dresses. And Selim ends up working for her household (because, you know, his tea-making skills) which makes for some pretty hilarious moments.These are just super fun adventure stories with great art, character develo [...]
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Book Pairings (Laci Long) Apr 25, 2019 - 00:53 AM
With the first volume I definitely saw the appeal of this series but wanted to get to know the characters better. In this volume I got exactly what I wanted! We get to see Delilah is a completely different setting and begin to understand her surprising backstory. We also learn the origin of the flying boat in this volume. Seeing how the relationship between Delilah and Mr. Selim is evolving has me looking forward to volume 3.
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Delilah Dirk and the King's Shilling By TonyCliff After being falsely accused of spying by the nefarious Major Merrick, Delilah Dirk and Mister Selim sail to England to clear her name and beat the tar out of the Major while they re at it But once on her home turf, Delilah encounters an adversary mightier than the entire British Army her mother.

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