La pelle
Curzio Malaparte
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Mar 24, 2019 - 20:06 PM By Curzio Malaparte

Nella Napoli occupata dalle truppe di liberazione alleate, l ufficiale di collegamento italiano Curzio Malaparte la coscienza vergognosa, umiliata e disfatta di un popolo vinto Attraverso questo immenso scenario di orrori continui e implacabilmente narrati, pagina dopo pagina scendiamo in un abisso di dolore, di disperazione, di disgusto Per riemergere a una visione diNella Napoli occupata dalle truppe di liberazione alleate, l ufficiale di collegamento italiano Curzio Malaparte la coscienza vergognosa, umiliata e disfatta di un popolo vinto Attraverso questo immenso scenario di orrori continui e implacabilmente narrati, pagina dopo pagina scendiamo in un abisso di dolore, di disperazione, di disgusto Per riemergere a una visione di piet e sopportazione suprema A un idea, forse, di cristianesimo.
  • Title: La pelle
  • Author: Curzio Malaparte
  • ISBN: 9788804496151
  • Page: 330
  • Format: Paperback


Violet wells Mar 24, 2019 - 20:06 PM
Probably this gets the award for the most cynical novel I’ve ever read. Malaparte is a difficult chap to warm to. He’s racist, homophobic and was a fascist in the early days of Mussolini’s rise to power. Hitler blamed communism on the Jews; Malaparte blames it on homosexuals. What saves him, as an author, is his tremendous wit, his hugely impressive erudition and his ability to write so damn well. The first interesting aspect of this book is that it perhaps shows how fascism in Italy was o [...]
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StevenGodin Mar 24, 2019 - 20:06 PM
Although entirely impossible (due to the fact of it being banned in the city), had there been a book signing event held in Naples for 'La Pelle' (The Skin), the pen of Kurt Erich Suckert (Curzio Malapatre) would in all likelihood stay firmly in the breast pocket of his suit. Many would want to see him yes, but not for the signing of any book. No, this queue about a mile long full of angry souls including Neapolitans, members of the Italian Government, The Pope, Blacks, Homosexuals, and Dwarfs, w [...]
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Michael Finocchiaro Mar 24, 2019 - 20:06 PM
This was another amazing work from Malaparte, but I enjoyed it less than Kaputt. At times, I really felt he was trying to clear his rotten conscience by playing the good guy. At the same time, there are unforgettable images here: the skin, the "Siren", Vesuvius eruptingbut I found that the end dragged. I did not really get what he was saying with the foetuses at the end that he had not already said in Kaputt or the previous chapters of The Skin. The questions I ask myself reading this book are: [...]
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Steve Mar 24, 2019 - 20:06 PM
Curzio Malaparte (1898-1957)To win a war - everyone can do that, but not everyone is capable of losing one. - Curzio MalaparteCurzio Malaparte, born Kurt Suckert to a German father and Italian mother, was a journalist and novelist who was a member of the Italian fascist party and took part in Mussolini's march on Rome in 1922. I don't know why he was initially a fascist, but he was too much of a free thinker to be one for long. He was kicked out of the party for his free thinking (and for lambas [...]
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Tijana Mar 24, 2019 - 20:06 PM
Razlozi za i protiv čitanja Malaparteove "Kože":Za:1) mnogo dobro piše. Ne, zaista. Neverovatno zavodljiva proza kojom može da ispriča i najgnusnije stvari a da se ipak ne manete knjige.2) pruža fantazmagorične opise užasa rata da ga se ni Goja ne bi postideo.Protiv:1) pruža fantazmagorične opise užasa rata da ga se ni Goja ne bi postideo. (Obratite pažnju na reč fantazmagorični. Ovo nije dokumentarna proza iako izdaleka ume da zaliči, a to dovodi do niza problema.)2) pa gde poče [...]
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MohammedAli Mar 24, 2019 - 20:06 PM
* و قلت للجاويش " دعني أراه " فقال " و هل أنت طبيب " ؟قلت : " لست طبيبا و لكنني رأيت الكثير من الجرحى " *" و وجدت الفرصة سانحة للتدخل فقلت : و لكن ليس هنالك مدافن للسمك في نابولي إن أهل نابولي يأكلون السمك و يدفنون الناس، و لكنهم لا يأكلون الناس و يدفنون السمك " قصة قصيرة مؤلمة جدا تتنا [...]
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Hanneke Mar 24, 2019 - 20:06 PM
'The Skin' must have been considered a very scandalous book in 1947 when it was published. Its tragicomic account of the invasion of Naples in 1943 must have shocked the people who were only just recovering from the horrors of war. I would imagine that they were scandalized by a lot of the distressing and often bewildering observations about their recent past. Malaparte's story is still shocking to read today, so I cannot even imagine what an impact it must have had just after the end of the war [...]
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Mala Mar 24, 2019 - 20:06 PM
"It is a shameful thing to win a war."I kept thinking of Iraq throughout this read – the whole idea of *liberating* a country, a people—of the *conquerors* and the *conquered*.Malaparte's relentlessly sardonic & highly original narrative pits the European sensibility versus the American one & takes it to a point where Henry James' polite prose dared not venture.Tragic yet comic, surreal yet real, cynical yet idealistic – Malaparte performs the tightrope act with aplomb. Not for eve [...]
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Liam Howley Mar 24, 2019 - 20:06 PM
Prefaced by a dedication to "the honorable American soldiers who were my comrades-in-arms and who died in vain in the cause of European freedom," Curzio Malaparte imparts a warning before The Skin opens. It's a warning that should be heeded.Naples has been liberated, or is it conquered? Amidst a city in the grips of "the plague", an abominable infestation of moral degeneration, which arrived alongside "the loveliest, the kindest, the most respectable army in the world born like Venus, of the sea [...]
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Lobstergirl Mar 24, 2019 - 20:06 PM
This brutal, beautifully written novel about the arrival of American troops in Naples in 1943, and their two-year occupation, is sad but also deeply, darkly comical. Malaparte, novelizing his real life war experiences, seemed to be sliding back and forth between an ironical tone, and an almost innocent sincerity. It's grotesque and at times surreal, but even when it's surreal it gives the appearance of being real, because that's war - so awful you can't really believe it.My favorite chapter feat [...]
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Conor Mar 24, 2019 - 20:06 PM
I don't know quite how to describe this one, so I'm going to go with some main points. a) It casts a new light on the lives of liberated peoplesb) It's probably the only really horrifiying war book I've ever read.c) Somehow a+b=c: It makes other authors who talk about war, including Vonegut, seem like little children reminicing about how much fun war is. That said, it's amazing. I had some trouble adjusting to the characters and the tone of the book, but as soon as I hit the fire-bombing of Hamb [...]
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Ahmed Mar 24, 2019 - 20:06 PM
الكتاب 60 صفحة25 مقدمةو 35 الرواية نفسهامختصرة بشكل غريب قرأتها أثناء الإنتظار في عيادة الأسنانلا بأس بها
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Cphe Mar 24, 2019 - 20:06 PM
I'm slowly making my way through the New York Review Books Classics list and this has been the most intense, compelling and thought provoking novel so far. It's cynical, tragic,and horrifying, a deeply uncomfortable and emotive read at times. Mesmerizing reading and an old cliche I know but it is difficult to put down once started. Others have already alluded to the synopsis of a war torn and devastated Naples. Nothing romantic about this novel, the reader isn't left with any illusions about the [...]
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Bettie☯ Mar 24, 2019 - 20:06 PM
(view spoiler)[review here (hide spoiler)]
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Islam Mar 24, 2019 - 20:06 PM
موت الروحقيامة الجسد، والليبرالية المتفسخةــــــــــــــــــــــــــــــــــخلّد بيكاسو بشاعة الحرب الأهلية الإسبانية فى لوحته "الجرنيكا" كدليل مستقبلى وخالد وتيمة موازية للحدث وقرائنه فى المستقبل، لكن لماذا نحس بالبشاعة يصاحبها رعبً مؤلم عندما نشاهد فيلما أو نقرأ كلم [...]
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Angelo Ricci Mar 24, 2019 - 20:06 PM
Un fastoso e barocco affresco. Un terribile viaggio dantesco nei più oscuri meandri dell'animo umano, reso ancor più ricettivo dall'esperienza belluina della guerra. Carne, sangue, merda e sperma. Questi sono gli elementi costitutivi della vita. Questi sono i punti cardinali dell'umanità. Inutile pensare il contrario. Come un quadro di Bruegel, come un bassorilievo di una cattedrale romanica, raffigurante le mostruose fattezze dei demoni, La pelle è il definitivo baedeker per chi vuole orien [...]
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David MacKinnon Mar 24, 2019 - 20:06 PM
Although I am new to , and have posted very little, I have read thousands of books, and once had to sell my book collection in reverse order of preference in order to eat. I consider that the most honest system of rating a book, because your next meal depends upon it. I want to expand upon this review, but I am going to begin by saying no other book I can think of even approaches 4 stars let alone 5, in comparison to Curzio Malaparte's "The Skin". I hate the word genius. I am deeply suspicious o [...]
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Gauss74 Mar 24, 2019 - 20:06 PM
Alla fine, credo che la fama di questo libro sia meritata, e per diverse ragioni. Innanzi tutto perché è scritto tecnicamente benissimo: con una scrittura che riesce ad essere prolissa ma non pesante allo stesso tempo ed un immaginario potente ed efficace; perché è stato il primo romanzo che ha gettato una luce su uno dei momenti più tragici (e vergognosi, perché negarlo?) della nostra storia; infine perché la vicenda personale ed artistica di Curzio Malaparte è uno strrumento importante [...]
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Sarah Ventimiglia Mar 24, 2019 - 20:06 PM
Degradante, perverso, disturbante, cinico, rivoltante Ma ha anche dei difetti!!1 A parte gli scherzi, a me in generale piacciono i libri che ti torcono un po' lo stomaco, che ti mettono a disagio; e questo libro lo chiamerei "La Pelle" più che altro perchè ti fa sentire a disagio nella tua. Le situazioni a volte sono talmente grottesche che ti fanno dubitare fortemente che siano reali e che siano accadute davvero, cosa che un personaggio chiede infatti al protagonista (che è Malaparte stesso) [...]
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Laura لاورا Mar 24, 2019 - 20:06 PM
Promesse non mantenutePubblicato nel secondo dopoguerra, “La pelle” è uno dei titoli più noti di Curzio Malaparte. Più che di un romanzo vero e proprio, a nostro avviso si tratta di una serie di episodi e ricordi che prendono le mosse a Napoli dopo l’arrivo delle truppe alleate nel ’43. E proprio questo avvio nella Napoli bombardata e occupata con la descrizione delle sue ferite nei primissimi capitoli lo rendono inizialmente molto interessante, data anche l’ottima prosa dell’auto [...]
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Jim Mar 24, 2019 - 20:06 PM
Curzio Malaparte could only be described as a literary chameleon. The son of a German father and an Italian mother, he was born in Tuscany under the name of Kurt Erick Suckert. He changed his last name from Suckert to Malaparte, the opposite of Buonaparte -- from a good place -- the family name of Napoleon. He began as a Fascist who supported Mussolini, but as a result of his snarky attitudes, he served time in several Fascist jails, until he was released by Mussolini's heir. He was then assigne [...]
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Giovanna Mar 24, 2019 - 20:06 PM
Napoli negli ultimi giorni dell'occupazione nazista vissuti in prima persona dall'autore. Una descrizione senza pari di questa città,dei suoi terribili problemi,dei suoi orrori,delle sue insanabili contraddizioni;ma anche della sua bellezza unica e disperata,del cuore e dell'anima dei suoi abitanti,dei tanti dolori e delle poche gioie che sono le due facce di un'unica medaglia,la vita.Un libro bellissimo,crudo e poetico insieme il cui titolo altrimenti insondabile si spiega in queste righe "Ogg [...]
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Oliver Twist & Shout Mar 24, 2019 - 20:06 PM
Leer a Malaparte es como viajar en un vuelo comercial dónde el piloto se empeña en hacer piruetas y todo tipo de acrobacias desde que despega hasta que aterriza. Y se dirige al pasaje en francés aunque el vuelo sea de Tokio a Moscú.
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Srđan Vidrić Mar 24, 2019 - 20:06 PM
Pojedini izdavački poduhvati velikih i komercijalnih izdavačkih kuća, kakva je nesumnjivo Laguna, zaslužuju pažnju i pohvalu ne samo šire čitalačke javnosti, već i one uže stručne, da ne kažem akademske. Edicija Amerikana, u kojoj su se do sada pojavile tek dve knjige - Kafkina "Amerika" i Malaparteova "Koža", svakako zaslužuje takvo interesovanje. Ovu prvu knjigu još uvek nisam stigao da pročitam, ali me je ova druga doslovno raspametila.Naime, u pitanju je roman koji bih svrsta [...]
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James Murphy Mar 24, 2019 - 20:06 PM
The Skin is a novel whose narrative runs the course of the Italian campaign of World War II, from the Salerno landings to peace. It's not a war novel however, but rather a novel about morality. And it's a novel drenched in symbolism and satire which more than bites, it devours.Early on Curzio Malaparte writes about Americans: "They do not know although they are in many respects the most Christian nation in the world, that without evil there can be no Christ." The last chapter is called "The Dead [...]
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mai ahmd Mar 24, 2019 - 20:06 PM
رواية قصيرة جدا تتحدث عن آثار الحروب وما تتركه من بشاعات على المجتمعات الإنسانية مشاهد فنتازية مؤذية كصاعق كهربائي ينهال على رأسك
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Simona Moschini Mar 24, 2019 - 20:06 PM
Una faticaccia finirlo, e per lo stile (è il suo libro che mi è piaciuto meno in questo senso) e per la compiaciuta terribilità dei contenuti. Resta - e so che è ingiusto valutare un'opera d'arte con criteri morali - un enorme fastidio per la spettacolarizzazione di Malaparte di qualsiasi cosa potesse fargli comodo. Eppure, forse, in questo sensazionalismo sta la modernità di un uomo che, vivesse oggi, farebbe lo sceneggiatore di qualche serie tv Usa.Che M. sia pienamente cosciente del gioc [...]
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Phuong Mar 24, 2019 - 20:06 PM
Non mi è capitato spesso, ma ci sono dei libri che fin dalle prime pagine ti urlano addosso che stai leggendo qualcosa di memorabile. "La pelle" è uno di questi libri. Nelle sue prime pagine si esemplificano e condensano i temi e gli stili che percorrono tutto il romanzo, che più che romanzo è un miscuglio, memorie, racconti, lirismo sull'orlo della poesia, cinismo disperato e filosofia macabra. Malaparte ci descrive l'Italia vinta, l'Italia liberata dagli Alleati in un incasellarsi di anedd [...]
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Azheen Bajalan Mar 24, 2019 - 20:06 PM
" قبل التحرير كنا نقاتل لكي لا نموت ، أما الان فنحن نقاتل لكي نعيش .و هناك فرق عميق بين أن تقاتل لتتفادى الموت و أن تقاتل لتعيش ، فالذين يقاتلون لكي لا يموتون يحتفظون بكرامتهم و لا يجثون على ركبتهم و هم يهربون في الجبال و الغابات ، و يعيشون في الكهوف و يحاربون الغزاة في ضراوة الذ [...]
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Lucie Novak Mar 24, 2019 - 20:06 PM
I almost forgot about this book when a fellow reader Cphe mentioned it today.Thank you!But now I recall it vividly, with all those sometimes shocking details. We all read it, in a Czech translation, when I was in medical school. It is not for the light-hearted and easily shocked. But of course, those things he is describing most likely all happened, and one should not be more shocked by literature than by history.Having said that, we often are. That is what real art does to you- make you unders [...]
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La pelle By Curzio Malaparte Nella Napoli occupata dalle truppe di liberazione alleate, l ufficiale di collegamento italiano Curzio Malaparte la coscienza vergognosa, umiliata e disfatta di un popolo vinto Attraverso questo immenso scenario di orrori continui e implacabilmente narrati, pagina dopo pagina scendiamo in un abisso di dolore, di disperazione, di disgusto Per riemergere a una visione diNella Napoli occupata dalle truppe di liberazione alleate, l ufficiale di collegamento italiano Curzio Malaparte la coscienza vergognosa, umiliata e disfatta di un popolo vinto Attraverso questo immenso scenario di orrori continui e implacabilmente narrati, pagina dopo pagina scendiamo in un abisso di dolore, di disperazione, di disgusto Per riemergere a una visione di piet e sopportazione suprema A un idea, forse, di cristianesimo.

La pelle romanzo La pelle un romanzo dello scrittore italiano Curzio Malaparte, pubblicato nel .Narra dell occupazione alleata in Italia dal al Nel romanzo, ambientato in massima parte a Napoli, Malaparte pone in contrasto l innocenza e ingenuit dei soldati americani con la disperazione e corruzione degli italiani sconfitti soprattutto mette in dubbio le facili interpretazioni La Pelle Rivista di dermatologia, medicina, chirurgia Proviamo a tracciare l identikit degli uomini che chiedono aiuto al chirurgo plastico per migliorare la propria estetica e vivere meglio con se stessi. Home La Pelle Wines LA PELLE THE SHOVEL Used by winegrower and winemaker alike Pelle La cute o pelle il rivestimento pi esterno del corpo di un vertebrato.Nei mammiferi e in particolare nell uomo, l organo pi esteso dell apparato tegumentario la sua superficie di circa m e protegge i tessuti sottostanti muscoli, ossa, organi interni.La pelle costituita da una serie di tessuti di origine ectodermica e mesodermica, che pu avere varia colorazione Nemiche per la pelle Marina and Federica have been together for five years now, they share the same apartment, bed, face cream, they laugh, they fight, but even so sometimes they are not sure if they re a couple or not. The Skin The Skin Italian La pelle is a Italian war film directed by Liliana Cavani and starring Marcello Mastroianni, Burt Lancaster, Ken Marshall, Carlo Giuffr and Claudia Cardinale from Curzio Malaparte s book La pelle The Skin It was entered into the Cannes Film Festival. La Pelle is Napa s Newest Wine Label to Watch Robb Report There s a Line Forming for La Pelle, Napa s Newest Label A shovel starts a unique partnership between a farming outfit and a winemaker with vision. LaChapelle Studio Comprehensive resource of the artist David LaChapelle s full body of work fine art, commercials, film and music videos. Calzature La Pelle la pelle s.r.l un negozio unico da sempre, si trova ad arezzo, citt d arte, aperto dal il negozio di riferimento per le calzature uomo e donna.un negozio dove si trovano i Che cos Benessere COS E LA PELLE La pelle un organo costituito da diversi tessuti la cui funzione quella di rivestire il corpo umano, assicurare la protezione all organismo e permettere i rapporti con il mondo esterno.

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