Burning Emerald
Jaime Reed
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Apr 26, 2019 - 13:38 PM By Jaime Reed

Coping with loss, keeping secrets from friends, and juggling classes has kept Sam Marshall busy in her senior year She finds comfort in her unlikely companion, Caleb, as their connection grows to where one cannot survive without the other.But Sam s biggest problem is a powerful enemy that wants her for himself and to destroy Caleb and his family Determined to keep CalebCoping with loss, keeping secrets from friends, and juggling classes has kept Sam Marshall busy in her senior year She finds comfort in her unlikely companion, Caleb, as their connection grows to where one cannot survive without the other.But Sam s biggest problem is a powerful enemy that wants her for himself and to destroy Caleb and his family Determined to keep Caleb safe, Sam fights a battle where she is both the enemy and the prize, but victory will come at a deadly price.
  • Title: Burning Emerald
  • Author: Jaime Reed
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 391
  • Format: ebook


jesse Apr 26, 2019 - 13:38 PM
2.75/5it's great actually having a girl of color on the cover. but the cover, unfortunately is horrible (view spoiler)[well, slightly less horrible than the first one (hide spoiler)] and probably scares away a lot of its potential reader (who'd enjoy it were it not for the cover) sad.but what it lacks in the visual book design department, it makes up with a feisty ((view spoiler)[finally a(hide spoiler)] non-caucasian!!) female lead and lots of twilight/fallen/hush hush/[etc] bashing.quotes:desp [...]
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Kristina Apr 26, 2019 - 13:38 PM
One of the things I liked most about the first book is that there wasn't a second love interest. Book two, enter second love interest. Strangely enough though it was pulled off in a way that isn't the norm in most YA novels lately, and I found myself still eager to keep reading.I don't want to give anything away, but because of events in the first book, Samara, the main character, doesn't always have full control of what she does. This new love interest (whom Samara wants nothing to do with) is [...]
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Coranne Apr 26, 2019 - 13:38 PM
The Cover: What I love most about these covers is that there is no blonde white girl with a flowing dress on. I have read a few books where the main character is not white and yet they are portrayed as white on the cover, and it is annoying. I love the simplicity of these covers, but I could see how they could turn readers off- they really don't say anything about the story.The Characters: I love Samara (Sam). I think she is a realistic, down to earth character. She is not skinny, she is not con [...]
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Naoms Apr 26, 2019 - 13:38 PM
Confessions of an Opinionated Book Geek3.5 stars “Burning Emerald,” begins a few weeks after the events of “Living Violet.” Sam is learning that her new life as a Cambion, isn’t the greatest situation in the world. She is a guy magnet and she attends high school. All day she must endure the immature leering of high school boys and the catty jealousy of high school girls. Sam wishes for the days when everyone ignored her, but there is nothing she can do to change her current state. Luck [...]
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Wanda Apr 26, 2019 - 13:38 PM
3.5 stars Burning Emerald was a good read but it didn't lure me in like Living Violet. With Living Violet, I couldn't wait to finish reading the book. But with this novel, it took me more than a few days, which isn't usually the case. But I'm one of those girls that once I invested time into a series, I need to see it all the way through. So regardless how empty Burning Emerald left me, I will go forward and read her next novel Fading Amber. Which also sounds promising, so let's see. In this nov [...]
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Kacie Apr 26, 2019 - 13:38 PM
I was initially hesitant to read this book because of the mixed reviews; however, I took a chance and was reminded of how much I loved Living Violet. I enjoy Ms. Reed's writing style because progressing in the story is not a chore. I also like how consistent the characters are. Not all series are successful with consistency. Also, while I was not happy with the introduction of Tobias - I liked it because Sam did not seem to waiver in her commitment to Caleb. So while there was a love triangle - [...]
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Rita Apr 26, 2019 - 13:38 PM
I can't believe how she ended this book! Unbelievable! Loving this series. I can't imagine how it will end. Liked Tobias, but unfortunately I believe he is very bad. Ms. Reed's imagination is very interesting. I can't believe the love triangle, she has created. If someone wins, someone will die. Wow. Will be reading number 3 real soon.
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Kaela Spencer Apr 26, 2019 - 13:38 PM
DNF at 44% I will not be finishing this series.
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The FountainPenDiva, Old school geek chick and lover of teddy bears Apr 26, 2019 - 13:38 PM
Just. Wow.This was so worth the wait! There's always pressure for the sequel to be even better than its predecessor and here Jaime Reed succeeds fabulously. There are roller-coaster ride novels, then there are bungee jump novels. Burning Emerald is a definite thrill rush and has me fiending for the last book (which won't be out until NEXT YEARo). One of the tropes in YA books which will either make or break a novel for me is the "love triangle". Whenever I pick up a book and read the back blurb, [...]
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Fangs for the Fantasy Apr 26, 2019 - 13:38 PM
Sam is adapting slowly to having Lillith, to being a Cambion, but it isn’t easy. Her new powers of attraction are alienating her friends and a considerable number of her school peers and Caleb’s draw on her is growing to almost ridiculous degrees. Her own draw is attracting a lot of unwanted attention from men – one man in particular.Malik, he never had time for her before, but now he’s paying far more attention to her. Far too much and he’s not taking no for an answer. With her new Ca [...]
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Sasha Apr 26, 2019 - 13:38 PM
Me, upon learning that I had gotten a signed copy of this book via First Reads:My love knows no bounds for this series. I was so lucky and excited to have won a signed copy via the First Reads program. Thank you, Jaime!! I could rave about how amazing Burning Emerald was until I’m blue in the face, but the only way to know it for yourself is to read it! Ignore the dorky cover and focus on the amazing plot, which picks up after Living Violet picks off… WARNING: SPOILERS from here on out!Sam [...]
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Breana Apr 26, 2019 - 13:38 PM
The Cambion Chronicles is one of my all-time favorite paranormal series, yet, oddly enough, I never got around to getting the second book. However, all that has changed. I have finally read the second book, Burning Emerald, and I’ve been thoroughly reminded why I love this series so much. Really, Burning Emerald had a lot going for it, with character and story development that I initially missed. This is just one of those series that kind of requires a full read, or else pieces will be missing [...]
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Marie-Claire Apr 26, 2019 - 13:38 PM
Für Samara ist es nicht gerade einfach, mit ihrer Besessenheit klarzukommen. Niemand außer ihrer Mutter und ihrem Freund Caleb darf davon erfahren. Samara entfernt sich immer mehr von ihren Freunden. Als wäre nicht schon alles kompliziert genug, interessiert sich auch noch ihr Schulkamerad Malik für sie. Mehr, als ihr lieb ist. Dabei ist Malik nicht das, was er zu sein scheint"Smaragdgrün wie die Dämmerung" ist der zweite Band der "Cambion Chronicles von Jaime Reed.Zwar kann man diesen zwe [...]
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L.V. Lewis Apr 26, 2019 - 13:38 PM
Okay, so the sophomore offering from author Jaime Reed wasn't as funny as her freshman debut, but the story still caught and held my interest. As Samara (my favorite name in the whole world now) learns to control the gift Nadine left her upon her death, she finds there are both perks and drawbacks to being a Cambion (even by assuming someone else's demon). It's a blessing and curse for her. The blessing is her ability to now share intimacies with her boyfriend, Caleb. However, the curse is the a [...]
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Nika Apr 26, 2019 - 13:38 PM
Tuto knihu jsem si bohužel měla možnost přečíst až po roce od prvního dílu. Což způsobilo, že jsem plno věcí zapomněla. Avšak nebylo těžké si je připomenout, tolik se toho zase nestalo. No, i když několik prvních stránek jsem nestačila zírat. Ani nemůžu uvěřit, že jsem zapomněla i ten konec, který jsem v recenzi tolik vychvalovala.Je sice pravda, že první díl přináší něco nového, ale zase se tolik neliší od jiných knih. Tím mám na mysli pár, kde je [...]
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Shauna Apr 26, 2019 - 13:38 PM
“Burning Emerald”, what a great book! Great author! A lot of action, drama and humor. I enjoyed every page of this amazing book. This book is even better than the first one. I loved it and the characters are so realistic.Samara faces a challenging senior year. Controlling her inner demon is a struggle, even with help from her Cambion boyfriend, Caleb. But her life takes a turn for the worse when the hottest jock in school begins pursuing herespecially since Malik's anything but what he seems [...]
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Bodea Apr 26, 2019 - 13:38 PM
3.5 stars Burning Emerald picks up just about where the first book left off. Sam is dealing with being a Cambion and all that comes with it. Not to mention, she and Caleb are still getting to know each other. Unfortunately, it's not long before things go south. I enjoyed this book, but the middle was a little slow. The last few chapters make up for that and the ending was a good cliffhanger, but I’m not without my complaints. First, I still love Sam. I think she’s a funny, tough, vulnerable, [...]
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♡Meme♡Reads love♡ Apr 26, 2019 - 13:38 PM
Well Hot damn that was good so full of action packed angst and draaaamaaa for your momma! I tell you Sam goes through some stuff in this book I felt like I couldn't get a break well I stayed up reading it till 3 in the morn, yeah I couldn't take a break I needed to know what was going to happen. Then Ms. Reed left me with the mother of all cliffhangers! Oh Caleb, my poor Cake Boy! When Sam's mom held him I cried. This book is amazing. But that great great great grandmother cliffhanger had me.All [...]
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G. MA Apr 26, 2019 - 13:38 PM
So much happens in book 2 of the Cambion Chronicles it took me some time after reading to process and percolate on this one. a definitive and well planned cliffhanger rolling into book 3. Well played, Ms. Reed. I was punched in the gut.If you haven't read this series yet, get ON IT.If you haven't read book 1, there are spoilers, reading further. Be warned. Samara and Caleb are back and still working the kinks out to their relationship. This time, both Caleb and Samara have inner Cambion demons t [...]
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Susan Francis Apr 26, 2019 - 13:38 PM
Of all the books in the series this one provides the most info about Cambions; what they are, how they came into existence etc. We learn that there is always a temptation for Cambions to feed excessively off humans and in doing so they run the risk of losing their humanity and transforming into demons. This is what happened to Caleb's father. They are ruled by powerful families who govern territories all over the world. Samara and Caleb live in the region where the Santiago family are in charge [...]
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Chelsea Apr 26, 2019 - 13:38 PM
I'm not really sure how to go about reviewing this book. I was able to get into the first book, Living Violet, easily enough. It had a great female character with Samara, and a smoldering guy love interest with Caleb. But it also deals with demons living inside you. One of those paranormal elements that I just don't enjoy, no matter what the story is. However, I was still interested enough to want to read the second book in the Cambion Chronicles. The first book finishes with such a wide-open en [...]
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April Apr 26, 2019 - 13:38 PM
Burning Emerald is book 2 in The Cambion Chronicles by Jaime Reed. In book one Samara meets Caleb and not only finds out about cambions but also becomes one thanks to her friend Nadine. This book picks up where there left off with Samara trying to come to terms with the "spirit" inside her and coping with Nadine's death. But then strange things start to happen at school surrounding this boy named Malik. When Samara and Caleb fall ill at a party putting Caleb in a coma, things start to unfold int [...]
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Shannon (aka The Tale Temptress) Apr 26, 2019 - 13:38 PM
I liked this one much more than I liked the first one even though I liked it too. This one just had so much more going on in it. There were a lot more subplots and different twists and turns. Samara's relationship with Caleb is sweet and one of the best things about the story but now we have the entrance of this new character Malik. I'm not sure if I'd characterize this completely as a love triangle. Although Malik is hot, he's a lot more cut and dried bad guy to me. And no, I don't mean bad boy [...]
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C.penn Apr 26, 2019 - 13:38 PM
I just need to say, I have become downright fanatical about this series!!!Complex, astonishing and dangerous.Samara knows the death of her friend Nadine has left her with a rather, unusual souvenir--Lillith, the sentient being that once inhabited her friend. What's more is Lillith has a mind, and a very unique and dangerous taste in suitors. When a fancy parlor trick at a Halloween party goes terribly awry, Samara wakes up in the hospital, and Caleb, her soul mate, has been poisoned and lies unr [...]
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African Americans on the Move Book Club Apr 26, 2019 - 13:38 PM
This book is the second in a series (the cambion chronicles) it picks up where the first left off. The character samara is now in a relationship with Caleb. This time around, samara is not the same person she was before she became involved with her boyfriend as her good friend Lilith granted her a gift, a gift for which a battle is being fought. Any reader will be interested from the first page. I don't want to tell too much of the story so as not to take away from it. Anyone that has read the f [...]
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Trakena Apr 26, 2019 - 13:38 PM
Ms. Reed has done it again!After thoroughly enjoying Book One of the Cambion Chronicles, I was eager to get my hands on the second and third installments. My first irritation was the fact that I couldn't find these in Barnes and Noble - which is a whole other issue that I'll be addressing on my blog soon - so I went ahead and snatched up the electronic copies. And let me say I was not disappointed.The one great thing that a YA love story needs is a.love triangle! Ms. Reed gives us this and more. [...]
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Kimm Apr 26, 2019 - 13:38 PM
This follow up to Living Violet was fantastic. It was exciting and emotional though it was fraught with a few TSTL maneuvers that I hate to see heroines use. I really preferred Samara in book one. I understand that it is all part of the design, but I miss her strength, sarcasm, and confidence. I love the tension in the book but am am a bit upset with Caleb's behavior. It reminded me too much of, dare I even say it"New Moon" Edwardh!! That "this is better for the both of us" routine got me TIGHT! [...]
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Stacey Pagan Apr 26, 2019 - 13:38 PM
No! No, no, no! What an ending to this novel! I almost threw it across the room! I know the author wants to keep me in suspense, and they did an excellent job and now I’m counting down the days until the next novel!Sam is no longer ‘just Sam.” She’s Caleb’s girlfriend and the controller of Lilith, the demon she inherited during Living Violet. She can no longer hide out without being noticed while Lilith lives inside her. As she learns to attempt to control Lilith, all hell breaks loose [...]
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J.N. Apr 26, 2019 - 13:38 PM
I didn't like this one nearly as much as the first, but I still enjoyed it. It was interesting to see how things continued for Sam and Caleb after the events of the first book. There's a few new characters in this one, including a "bad" guy love interest. While I usually cringe at love triangles, this was one I could live with because I felt it was realistic considering.I liked how Sam and her mother's relationship seemed to have gotten closer. Caleb and Sam's relationship goes through some chan [...]
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Faithc Apr 26, 2019 - 13:38 PM
I literally devoured this book as I just could not put it down. Excuse me for I really need to recollect myself after this intense ride.I honestly could not do anything else but read these books. I am really intrigued by Samara's strength but then again this book left me totally hanging. I am eager to read the next one; I just cannot wait to read more about Lilith and Tobais's fate.I have to give proper inclination to the writer: she made me laugh, curious and really emmersed in the story, all r [...]
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Burning Emerald By Jaime Reed Coping with loss, keeping secrets from friends, and juggling classes has kept Sam Marshall busy in her senior year She finds comfort in her unlikely companion, Caleb, as their connection grows to where one cannot survive without the other.But Sam s biggest problem is a powerful enemy that wants her for himself and to destroy Caleb and his family Determined to keep CalebCoping with loss, keeping secrets from friends, and juggling classes has kept Sam Marshall busy in her senior year She finds comfort in her unlikely companion, Caleb, as their connection grows to where one cannot survive without the other.But Sam s biggest problem is a powerful enemy that wants her for himself and to destroy Caleb and his family Determined to keep Caleb safe, Sam fights a battle where she is both the enemy and the prize, but victory will come at a deadly price.

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